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    Weather it be a simple electronic circuit or complex microprocessor device , HPK Consulting is your one stop for drawing board to packaged electronic products. Twenty five years design and manufacturing experience and several patents , confirms the excellence and experience we can lend to your electronic products.

Successful Products 

New Product Pure Power One

SureTest Digital Branch Circuit Wiring Analyzer    

Motor-Mizer 3 Phase AC Energy Savings Motor Controller

ASCII Dumb Terminal

Fluorescent light dimmer, Energy Saver

Crystal Controlled 150 Hz AC Power Supply

Mastitis Tester for Dairy Industry

Single Outlet Surge Suppressor

First Fault Finder for Process Control Industry

Duplex Outlet Blade Re-Tension Tester

Electronic Shutter for Microscope and 35 mm Camera

Micro-Ohmmeter for Graphite Manufacturing

Harmonic Distortion Analyzer For Power Industry

SCR Controlled Lighting Applications







The MotorMizer® EO-2 Energy Optimizer Series is a Solid-State Reduced Voltage Motor Controller for smoothly and effectively starting and most economically operating 3-phase, 50/60 cycle induction AC motors. These energy-saving motor controllers, which received recognition in 1993 as "Product of the Year" from Plant Engineering magazine, provide modular benefits of :

Soft-Start - By applying voltage to the motor gradually, MotorMizer® controllers limit inrush current to less than half the normal starting current and provide smooth stepless motor starts. The reduced mechanical stress on belts, couplings, and transmissions, reduces maintenance cost of equipment, and increases equipment life. Interference with other loads caused by voltage dips is eliminated. MotorMizer® use is excellent where power capacity is limited (generators).

Energy-Savings - Once the motor reaches operating speed, the MotorMizer's microprocessor continuously monitors motor torque and reduces the AC Voltage to the motor, minimizing energy consumption under varying load conditions. The rapid response (< 1 cycle) of the MotorMizer® Energy Optimizer is excellent in reversing applications. Greatest energy savings (up to 30%) occur on applications involving cyclic/dynamic loads with the motor running at light-to-medium loads. Flywheel-driven and high-inertia equipment such as Punch Presses realize consistent savings with the MotorMizer® EO-2 Energy Optimizer.

Motor Protection - The MotorMizer® EO-2 Energy Optimizer also provides electronic motor protection from overcurrent and phase loss or phase imbalance.

Motor Monitoring - A motor monitor provides a digital readout of current, voltage, power factor, Wattage, and total KWH. Communication with remote start or PC interface is available to further monitor the process and assist in maintenance forecasting.


The RS-232 ASCII Dumb Terminal was developed for use in the process controll industriy to control micro-processor equipment.



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